Zuckerwatte (2018)

Zuckerwatte (2018)

A short dance work about becoming a parent, motherhood and other facets of family life….

Concept&Choreography: Darja Reznikova in collaboration with the dancers

Performers: Miriam Markl, Elise Wichman, Jillian Rose

Music: Jazz Suite No.2: 6 WaltzII von Dimitri Schostakovich, Mondscheinsonate/Round About Midnight von Laurindo Almeida und Ray Brown, +1 (B Remix) von Martin Solveig (feat. Sam White), Myth von Unita, Love Me Tender von Percy Sledge

Camera: Patrick Czerny

Editing/Post Production: Darja Reznikova

Photography: Zaneta Falinska

Filming Location: Alla Hopp playground in Bürstadt, Germany

Live Premiere: May 2018 as part of the Freier Tanz im Delta VIII festival at Theater Felina-Areal in Mannheim/Germany

Darja Reznikova is also concerned with childlike curiosity and the pleasure of discovery in “Cotton Candy,” which doesn’t taste as sweet as it sounds. A girl is practicing the piano to the sound of waltzes and repeatedly shouts the word “sérieux! (serious), another rides a unicycle, and a third breaks out in baby cries. She could be Alice, who is pushed out of Wonderland. She can’t even stomp her way out of the dance formation, which is struck by the stroboscopic light.

Die Rheinpfalz


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