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Action Research Report

Interdisciplinarity –  Using Self-Feedback to Enhance Integrative and Conscious Practice

Innovative Assessment in HE: A Handbook for Academic Practice (2019) by Clegg K. and Bryan C.

Action Research Report

SoundBody – Interdisciplinarity towards an Empowered Body of Knowledge

“Dancing can induce an enhanced, or at least a different kind of consciousness from our normal practical everyday awareness of the world…Behind external events the dancer perceives another, entirely different, world…a hidden forgotten landscape lies there, the land of silence, the realm of the soul…The sound of the human voice and the movement of the human body if rightly used can alone bring us near to glimpse these worlds” (Valerie Preston-Dunlop).

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Just Too Far Away frames Barbara’s independent 3rd year Creation Lab Project as part of her artistic development at Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, Netherlands. Darja was the mentor throughout her creative process, applying her SoundBody practice and allowing Barbara to explore her performative self through her voice. 

Dance & Choreography: Barbara Weinman

Mentoring & Movement Coaching: Darja Reznikova

Music: ‘Suspectum’ by Bram Stadhouders

Camera & Post Production: Martin Kers

Location: Stadspark Oude Dijk Tilburg

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