I Am ... Hannes-Michael Steven Omohundro-Bronczkowski (2020)

I am … Hannes-Michael Steven Omohundro-Bronczkowski (2020)

A person alone in the now, in the past, in the imaginary, in one’s own visions of the future, between space and time, isolated and yet as part of society. The dancer Michael Bronczkowski, with his full name Hannes-Michael Steven Omohundro-Bronczkowski, represents the modern person of a transitional society who is looking for the deeper meaning of his existence.
The piece explores the far-reaching meaning of representation and reality in a philosophical sense. It moves between one’s own personal perception of self (reality) and the perception of others (representation).
A diverse audience with a multitude of cultural heritage is addressed and challenged to reflect their own views. Why do we set ourselves apart and what connects us in a deeper sense?
The aim is to explore the essential aspects of being, of one’s own consciousness, and beyond that of the spiritual self. Which values, personality, feelings and thoughts characterize me and which far more profound characteristics have been lost through upbringing, environment and learned or applied value systems? The body is the threshold that inherently carries all knowledge, so that one can only know oneself through the self.

Concept / Choreography / Dramaturgy: Darja Reznikova in collaboration with Michael Bronczkowski

Direction / Editing / Post Production / Photography: Darja Reznikova

Dance / Voice: Michael Bronczkowski

Music: Sabio Janiak, ‘Avalon’ by Sigur Ros, ‘Popstar’ by DJ Khaled (feat. Drake), ‘Rondo á la Krakowiak in F Major’ by Fréderic Chopin (played ba Jan Lisiecki), ‘Sirius’ (Chicago Bulls Theme Song) by Alan Parsons

Graphics / Illustration: Katja Visschers

Costume: Baika Bettag

Camera: Katja Visschers & Darja Reznikova

Lighting: Georg Gropp

Stream Premiere: 10th December 2020 on www.theater-felina.de

Live Premiere: September 2021 at Theater Felina-Areal, Mannheim/Germany

Funded and supported by: Kulturamt Mannheim, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and Theater Felina-Areal

Appearances are deceptive. With skill and a touch of humor, director Darja Reznikova exposes this mechanism in her dance piece “I am … Hannes-Michael Steven Omohundro Bronczkowski”. In her ambitious film collage about the aspects of a person, she packs nothing less than the story of becoming human.

Die Rheinpfalz

The director spans the arc from the embryo to the spiritual being of man, who searches for a name and finds his dance rite – rhythmically, centered, with hands that are open to divine inspiration. If there were not the claim to be “white”.

Die Rheinpfalz


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