nebeL (2017)

What makes life worth living? What do we yearn for and what goals do we pursue? Are they in harmony with each other – our dreams and actions? Or are we caught up with the banalities of everyday life, the monotonous repetition of particular actions and the desire to please others, submitting to the system and live a contented life?

NebeL (= Fog and =Life [read backwards] in German) deals with these conflicts – conformity or at least rebellion and freedom – and tries to find the glimpse of light amongst the heavy fog clouding our consciousness.

Choreography: Darja Reznikova in collaboration with Miriam Markl

Dance & Voice: Miriam Markl

Music: Christoph Jung & White Noise Meditation

Camera: Evelina Winkler (

Editing/Costume: Darja Reznikova

Location&Objects: Rüdiger Krenkel (

Premiere: May 2017 at Theater Felina-Areal as part of the Freier Tanz im Delta VII festival, Mannheim/Germany

In “Fog” by Darja Reznikova the lively dancer Miriam Markl is a force of movement that no fog can withstand. She runs in before it starts, storms and turns tirelessly and still circles when it is long over.

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